Basic Plan

$1.99 / Months

We built the AI Rabbi with the intention of giving this technology to all Jews in the world for Free … However, the usage of the AI Rabbi massively surged when an article about it was posted in The Jerusalem Post … While this is a huge blessing, the AI Rabbi rents capacity at a massive supercomputer to run its artificial intelligence program, and every word the AI Rabbi generates costs money … This is now adding up to enormous costs for us  of over $1000+ per day due to this technology spreading to every country on the planet … Therefore, although we are still able to give out the first several questions to the AI Rabbi for Free, we have been forced to charge a fee for this service beyond that … The good news is that it will only cost $1.99 to get 26,000 words, which is on average 100+ questions. … Therefore for just $1.99 you can get a tremendous amount of helpful advice and Torah wisdom from the AI Rabbi … Click Below to refill your credits and get 100+ questions



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